Panerai replica watches online boutique opened in China

Following the development of the US e-commerce platform, Panerai replica watches is the Chinese market to open a new online boutique, at WWW.PANERAI.CN. At the same time, Panerai website on the product catalog, showing the local currency value of the goods to facilitate the global brand customers. Panerai replica watches Panerai replica January 2017 – Panerai opened online boutiques for Chinese customers. The new online boutique and Panalia official website integration, so that customers choose the favorite watch, but also compare the product price, design and function, and purchase the right accessories, just a few simple steps to complete the shopping process. Customers can complete the entire process at home, while enjoying the brand for the enthusiasts to provide all-round quality professional services. Panerai replica Panerai replica Brand set up a new online boutique, designed to provide its watch and accessories series of clear and comprehensive information. Online boutiques offer a full range of interactive shopping experiences through a number of features, such as individual listings, comparison of watch models, and storage of personal information and preferences. Panerai replica watches Panerai replica watches The new online boutique design is flexible, compatible with different devices, anytime, anywhere to a tablet or smart phone browsing. Product ordering can also be made by telephone, by Panerai Ambassadors (Panerai Ambassadors) dedicated to customer service, to provide professional advice. The new Panerai replica watches china online boutique service is comprehensive, in addition to the store picking services, but also free access to exquisite gift boxes and print heart card, and with a variety of payment methods, the goods inventory display and return service. Since the beginning of 2015 the operation of the United States online boutique, is also a number of new services. Panerai watches 2017 Panerai watches The official website is now in the product catalog shows the price of goods, and the majority of countries in the corresponding currency calculation, the site more comprehensive, convenient Panerai replica global customers. Panerai watches china Panerai replica watches china

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