Panerai Luminor 1950 Series 3 Days Automatic Wrist Watch PAM00684

Panerai watches looks tough, full of muscle range of children, with a high degree of identification of them in the crowd which can easily come to the fore, and this sense of strength and retro atmosphere combined with the Italian style created by the Of the unique halo, has become the most distinctive landmark brand. However, Panerai has a problem is not a problem, that is, its size, the size of 45mm or 47mm at every turn will definitely make a lot of love the brand but their lack of self-confidence in the wrist around the table fans have discouraged , After all, many people will think that these sizes should be more suitable for weightlifters and the like …Panerai Luminor 1950 3 days but in fact they are far from imagined so terrible, regardless of wrist thickness, can show their own charm. Nevertheless, the appearance of small-size Panerai will still be very popular, in the recent 2017 Geneva Watch Fair, the brand brought a new Panerai Luminor 1950 series Submersible Oro Rosso 42mm 3 chain automatic watch ( PAM00684), a “weight loss” after Luminor diving weapon.
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May be some table fans for this timepiece completely no sense. Indeed, although it is still full of charm, but also the corresponding full of contradictions: it should be excellent Luminor series of diving weapon, but its size is small (relatively speaking, after all, there are 42mm it); it should belong to tools Watch range, but it is made of 18K rose gold material; it is a diving watch, with a stretchable rubber strap and ceramic diving bezel, but only 100 meters of water depth … Panerai Luminor 1950 3 days 2017see, the spray point or Many, however, or that sentence, this is enough, the appearance of good-looking and clear, good quality is reassuring, what the function of the daily use of enough children, and why must perfect requirements it is all-around player? True divers certainly will not wear this child table to dive, so, but also Han bike?
Panerai Luminor 1950 watches 2017
The model PAM00684 diving watch is Luminor 1950 Submersible series of the first use of 42mm case style, so people who have it will certainly enjoy all Submersible watch features – full of muscular case, strong The classic crown of the bridge, the extension of the rubber strap, ceramic diving bezel, clear and simple dial, and so on. In terms of wear, this PAM00684 watch is still the same as other Luminor watches that will make the wearer feel very comfortable, but it will also highlight a touch of delicate atmosphere.
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Before that it is a full sense of contradiction, as a diving watch, but only 100 meters of waterproof ability to make many perfectionists are annoyed, then we cut from this point to elaborate on the point of argument: Who will bring Such a table into the 200 meters or 300 meters underwater it? Which diver will carry such a gold watch to perform diving tasks? Select the Panerai replica watches, then consider the cause is obviously the appearance of the main, auxiliary parameters as the leading direction. This PAM00684 watch design really did not say that the black ceramic diving bezel is not only legible, and rose gold with just right, so although it is Luminor diving series, but may wish to see it as easy to cope with everyday The water needs of leisure table it.
Panerai Luminor 1950 replica 2017
This PAM00684 watch matte black disk is used in a very traditional Submersible-style layout, meaning that large hollow hands with a luminous front-end material, rod-like and point-like time scale mixed use, 3:00 with a calendar window , 9 o’clock is a small seconds. The watch is equipped with internal Cal.P.9010 type self-winding movement, from Panerai own build, double barrel design can provide 3 days power reserve (72 hours). In addition, it also has a fast timing device, so that the hour hand for one hour before and after the beating, the time zone changes in the case of very practical.
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Overall, this Panerai Luminor 1950 replica watches series Submersible Oro Rosso 42mm 3 Days automatic watch is a very peculiar watch, between the table with a luxury instrument between the watch. Although its line texture is still tough, but compared to other Submersible watches, the still fine too many handsome, after all, cut in the size of several millimeters. However, it is this reduction of a few millimeters, so that PAM00684 look a little less aggressive wind, replaced by the slightest cynical atmosphere, but why this charm to be more deeply moved by people, for those who like Panerai, but in the Size hesitant table fans, this timepiece will be a good choice of experience. The new PAM00684 watch is limited edition of 250, will be available in July 2017 sale price of 25,900 euros, while there is another 42mm size steel models, model PAM00682, it will be in this year’s Available in June, limited to 1000, the price is 8500 euros.
panerai luminor 1950 replica price
panerai luminor 1950 price 2017

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